The main fight for the taxpayers every year is reporting their income return to the Internal Revenue Service. Every person will get income from the many categories. To report their income they must select the suitable form, and fill the selected form and then submit it to the IRS. To report every person’s income returns to the IRS, the IRS provided the number of 1099 Forms for every category. If you want to know the different types of 1099 forms and the use of every form, then follow with us.

Type of 1099 Forms

To report your different payment transactions to the IRS, you have to select the exact form from the below. They are

  1. 1099 –A
  2. 1099 – B
  3. 1099 –C
  4. 1099 – CAP
  5. 1099 – MISC
  6. 1099 – DIV
  7. 1099- G
  8. 1099 – H
  9. 1099 – INT
  10. 1099 – K
  11. 1099 – LTC
  12. 1099 –OID
  13. 1099 – PATR
  14. 1099 – Q
  15. 1099 – R
  16. 1099 – SA
  17. 1099- NEC

1. 1099 – A

The 1099–A Form used for the abandonment of secured properties or the acquisition.

2. 1099 – B

If any barter exchange transactions made, then you can use the 1099 – B Form to report payment transactions to the IRS. The barter exchange transaction includes sales of stocks, bonds, tenders, profit, loss, and etc. are reported through 1099 –B Form to the IRS.

Some Specific types of securities are exempted from the 1099 – B, they are

  1. Single Stock Futures
  2. Money Market Fund Redemptions
  3. Forex
  4. Options Expirations
  5. Options Sales

3. 1099 – C

The 1099 – C Form is used to report your cancellation of Debt transactions during the year to the Internal Revenue Service.

4. 1099 – CAP

If any change made in corporate control and capital structure, then at that time the 1099 – CAP Form is used to report the income returns to the IRS.

5. 1099 – MISC

If you get any Miscellaneous Income more than or equal to 600$ during the year, then you need to E File Form 1099 MISC. Therefore, to report your Miscellaneous income and the payments to the IRS, you can File 1099 Miscellaneous Form and then submit it to the IRS and also to the recipient.

6. 1099 –DIV

The 1099 – DIV form is used if you receive more than or equal to 10$ for your own stock or other securities. It includes dividends, distributions, capital gain distributions, non-taxable distributions, and etc…

7. 1099 –G

If you made any government payments during the year, then File 1099 – G Form to report your payments to the Internal Revenue Service.

8. 1099 –H

For any health coverage payments are made by you during the year, then use Form 1099 –H to inform payments to the IRS.

9. 1099 –INT

Mainly, the 1099 – INT Form is used for the financial institutions. Who is getting more than or equal to 10$ over the year as interest income? They must File 1099 –INT Form, to report their interest income to the Internal Revenue Service.

10. 1099- K

This 1099-K form is used when you made nearly 200 transactions and the 20000$ in sales for your business, and the transactions are made by the third party. Like Pay pal, Google check, and etc.

11. 1099- LTC

The 1099 –LTC Form used for the long term care and accelerated death benefits.

12. 1099 – OID

For the Original Issue Discount, the 1099 – OID Form is used to report to the Internal Revenue Service.

13. 1099- PATR

If you received any taxable distributions from the cooperatives over the year, then you have to report your income returns to the IRS by filing 1099 – PATR Form.

14. 1099 –Q

If you get any payments from the qualified education programs, then File 1099 –Q Form with your payment reports.

15. 1099 –R

The 1099 –R Form used for any distributions from pensions, annuities, retirements, profit-sharing plans, insurance contracts, and etc..

16. 1099 –SA

The 1099 –SA Form used for the Distributions from an HSA, MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA.

17. 1099 – NEC

If you hired an independent contractor for your business work or company work and you paid more than or equal to 600$ over the year, then you should File 1099 NEC Tax Form.

Note: Don’t miss the 1099 Deadline. Missing IRS Form 1099 Deadline leads to huge penalties. File 1099 Misc by the end of Februaary 1st, 2021. Send 1099 Misc Form to the IRS as well as to the Recipient.

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